Classbees Manage is Feature Rich

The features and functions cater for different teaching businesses, styles of classes and financial arrangements

Classbees Manage is Value for Money

Our varied subscription model provides unbelievable value

Classbees Manage is Class/Club Focussed

Our management and booking software have been tailored for classes and clubs

Classbees Manage is Easy

Simplifies your class admin through focussing on repetitive and time consuming activities

Student Information

Manage all student related information in one place.

Manage Class

Reserve session specific space and manage student attendance.

Invoice and Payment

Generates student invoices and tracks any outstanding payments.

Classbees Manage offers an end to end solution that suits an individual teacher or a club

Classbees Manage helps you to administer your class, students, registration, attendance and finance in one place. We aim to reduce your admin tasks and help you to track all that matters the most to you in one place.

Register with Classbees Manage, follow the simple set up steps to create easy to manage classes with speedy registration and payment tracking.

Our Services

Classbees Manage will offer the best advice to set up your class and will provide specialised support service at all times


Our dynamic and dedicated team are here to help if you need it.

Secure Data

Security of your data is paramount and it is managed in accordance with current UK regulatory requirements.


Classbees Manage offers seamless functionality, bringing together class set up, student registration and managing finance.

Your data is our responsibility

Classbees Manage takes data protection and data privacy seriously. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is in line with the UK&I data protection law.

Classbees Manage application is on a cloud-based secured server located in the UK&I data centre and its data is stored and backed up frequently, so it can never be lost. Only authorised users will have access to the account and all passwords are stored as one way hash.

Classbees Manage have monitoring in place to detect any potential breaches in accordance with our obligations. We use the latest encryption methods for all data transfer and our policy ensures it is both tested and updated as per the cipher standards requirement.

Want to get in touch?

We offer a plan that suits your need. For any further information, contact us either by phone or email.

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